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Mr. Ajay Jain
(Director of Print 360)

Print 360 brings new technology for value addition on Garments . It's a first venture by any company in New Delhi to bring this unique concept to make high fashion garments using Laser engraving & Marking technology.

New Delhi is a very unique hub for multifaceted garment production. One side it has big export houses for knits and woven tops and on other side it is the biggest production centre for domestic denim garments - Mens, Ladies and Kids jeans. Across all garment category be it in exports and domestic market -there is one thing in common. This is that the product value and the fashion quotient of garments is on rise and this is a very welcome sign if the industry has to grow further. A good product is the key foundation for stable and aggressive growth in coming times. With more international brands and retailers entering India to tap potential consumers, it will be imperative to develop international standard product as well - both for domestic market as well as sourcing for good foreign labels. There are plenty of wash and dyeing houses who are doing excellent job to make nice fashion garments using traditional as well as latest wash and chemical technology. At this point Mr Ajay Jain thought of bringing some thing very unique but more technological rather than manpower and chemical based.

He had clear idea of 4 factors that can transform the industry and make superior international standard garments with ease and better quality:

  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Less Manpower

With the above clarity and positive attitude Atam enterprises tied upwith Jeanologia from Spain who are pioneer in this field for both technology and application. The idea was to use creativity and technology to make beautiful garments and give the best quality and fashion effects with ease and speed. Laser technology is state of art technology to bring automisation in garment production unit .Laser engraving is a process through which one can create any selected design I pattern I effect onto the denim or non denim garment , knits or woven garments. Process is executed by using photoshop or illustrator based designs and later laser is used to move in controlled manner to follow the selected design pattern on to the garment. This helps in transferring the design onto the garment from design based software ( photoshop I illustrator). Technical reason behind the engraving Laser is high energy beam having wavelength of 10.6 micro meter. And when this is focused on garments through set of mirrors it increases the temperature of garment at the point of contact ,there by sublimating the dyestuffs and discharging the color value. This is sublimation of dyes . With control of time of exposure of laser onto garment and selection of designs,laser engraving can be used to create required fashion elements onto the garment.

Some of the advantages of laser technology on different types of garments are:

  • Creating whisker I scrapping and used effect indenim garments.
  • Creating damages onto the garment to get fashion vintage look.
  • Create textures and patterns onto the garment -for lady's denim and kids and even now big demand for men's denim as well.
  • Create fashion look by adding denim elements like bleach spot ,illusory stitches ,water marks etc.
  • Making cartoon characters or numeric patterns for kids garments.
  • Adding valueon knits garment by creating mono chromatic discharge effects without chemcials and prints . Indigo knits look really amazing with laser technology.
  • Reducing manpower and increasing value onto the garment .
  • Getting better quality in garment production for regular dry process.

Atam Enterprises makes 4 collection in a year mainly to bring new international trends to domestic as well as export market to Delhi.Any commercial laundry,brand , export house can get the laser engraving done at Atam Enterprises on their own selected garments type and later wash and develop at their own place. Even one can create their own designs and customise the garments as per their requirement.


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